FMRDP - Final Mine Rehabilitation and Decommissioning Plan

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This Guideline is intended to assist mining companies/operators, environmental managers and personnel and other interested parties within the Philippine minerals industry in preparing a Final Mine Rehabilitation and/or Decommissioning Plan (FMR/DP, also commonly referred to as a mine closure plan) during the feasibility stage of a new mining project or during the operational life of an existing mine.

The Guideline is an advisory document and is not a substitute for regulations. This Guideline provides suggestions on the range of issues that should be considered in determining the operation’s responsibilities for the management of the land before, during and after operations.
The Guideline is not designed to provide a prescriptive formula for the development of a FMR/DP that will apply in every situation or a detailed instruction on how to develop an FMR/DP. Rather, the Guideline emphasizes the main requirements under existing mining law, rules and regulations and defines the expectations of the government for the development of mine closure plans. Mining companies/operators and FMR/DP preparers should carefully identify and consider environmental and social matters that are relevant to their operation, which may not have been mentioned/identified in this Guideline.

The Guideline will be updated from time to time based on feedback from users, development of standards and practice and improvements within the industry.



Planning for mine closure/integrated mine closure planning requires the integration of environmental and social considerations as early as the project planning phase (during the preparation of the Feasibility Study and of the Environmental Impact Statement) and in the preparation and implementation of environmental and social programs (such as Environmental Protection and Enhancement Program, EPEP; Environmental Management System, EMS; Social Development and Management Program, SDMP; Safety and Health Program, SHP, etc) during the operating life of the mine and of the Final Mine Rehabilitation and/or Decommissioning Plan (FMR/DP) during the mine closure process, before the final relinquishment of a “new resource” to the Government and to the community.


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