In celebration of the 2021 Mining Month and the 123rd Mines and Geosciences Bureau Founding Anniversary, the Mines and Geosciences Bureau Employees Association Region XIII Chapter held the Webinar on Instilling Accountability and Integrity in Civil Servants on November 26, 2021 at the MGB Regional Office No. XIII Training Center.

In adherence to the theme of this year’s MGB Founding Anniversary which is Responsableng Pagmimina, Tungkulin Ko, Gobyerno at Industriya, the webinar aimed to remind MGB Regional Office No. XIII employees that civil servants and public officials are expected to preserve the public’s trust and confidence in government by demonstrating the highest standards of professional competence, efficiency and effectiveness; upholding the Constitution and the laws; and seeking the advancement of the public good at all times.   To do so, the need to have a set of moral values that will serve as motivations that spur one to perform and excel in the workplace is crucial to the development of right conscience and moral values in decision making. Similarly, government employees should learn sound financial management in order to utilize and save monetary resources, endure financial risks, achieve financial stability and serve as role models to the public in upholding the ideals of civil servants.

Participants of the blended physical and virtual webinar are MGB Regional Office No. XIII permanent and contract of service employees.

At the start of the program, Mr. Romeo M. Dalodado, Chief of the Geosciences Division, delivered the inspirational message of OIC-Regional Director Larry M. Heradez who took part in the 4th Quarter Command Conference for the DENR Mindanao Cluster in Davao City at that time.  “As we celebrate the 2021 Mining Month and the 123rd Founding Anniversary of the Mines and Geosciences Bureau, let us take pride in our time-honored heritage as a centennial bureau.  May we strive to translate the noble ideals of discipline, excellence, nobility and responsibility into transformative works and worthwhile advocacies primarily as stewards of our country’s mineral resources committed to the common good.  As we take our work to greater heights of relevance and commitment, let us constantly endeavor to evolve into something deeper ― to do more and to be more.  There is dignity in the civil service profession and this should encourage us to preserve it at all costs.  In our collaborative efforts to uphold the noble principles of our bureau, let us continue to affirm one another in our professional commitments and shared responsibilities,” Mr. Dalodado read out.   

The webinar featured the following topics and resource speakers:

Mr. Guilbert MantalaSpirituality of Work
Atty. Aiko Eleni Paler-GastardoCode of Conduct and Ethical Standards for Public Officials and Employees
Mr. Jose Almar Joy T. Tibay, CPAPersonal Accounting

Mr. Mantala, Vice President for Student Services of St. Paul University Surigao, talked about the Spirituality of Work. He described the different types of workers and the three kinds of love namely eros, filial and agape since love for work entails responsibility. He differentiated the expressions of God’s love from the expressions of man’s love in that God’s love is unconditional and enduring while man’s love is conditional and fleeting. To synthesize his presentation, he explained the meaning of the song “In Omnibus Amare et Servire Domino” which means “In Everything Love and Serve the Lord”.

Atty. Paler-Gastardo, Attorney III of MGB Regional Office No. XIII, discussed the salient features of Republic Act No. 6713 otherwise known as the Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards for Public Officials and Employees. It has been emphasized that every public official and employee shall observe the following eight norms of conduct as standards of personal conduct in the discharge and execution of official duties:  1) Commitment to Public Interest, 2) Professionalism, 3) Justness and Sincerity, 4) Political Neutrality, 5) Responsiveness to the Public, 6) Nationalism and Patriotism, 7) Commitment to Democracy, and 8) Simple Living.  She expounded on each norm at length and cited sample case/s filed in violation of such norm.

Lastly, Mr. Tibay, a Certified Public Accountant and Manager of Tibay Accounting Firm, imparted his knowledge of Personal Accounting. As an advocate of financial literacy, he shared his expertise and experiences in personal accounting and managing businesses. He explained the importance of businesses as the economic drivers of our country.

Towards the end of the activity, Engr. Francis Glenn N. Suante, Officer-in-Charge of the Mine Safety, Environment and Social Development Division delivered the Closing Remarks.  Engr. Suante thanked the MGBEA Region XIII Chapter Officers for their collaborative efforts which resulted in the successful conduct of the webinar.  In the same way, he appreciated the keen participation of the employees throughout the activity.


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