The Mines and Geosciences Bureau Regional Office No. XIII attended the Seminar on Property and Supply Management System on August 28-31, 2018 in Butuan City.

The seminar was conducted by the Commission on Audit Regional Office No. XIII.  Almost 80 participants from various agencies and academic institutions took part in the said activity. The participants included Property/Supply Officers, Property Custodians, Storekeepers and others involved in managing the agency’s office supplies and properties, Budget Officers, members of the Bids and Awards Committee and others involved in the procurement activities, processing of claims, disbursement, financial transactions including certifying and approving officers, members of the GAD Focal Point System and also the Accountants and other personnel of Accounting Unit who are involved in the keeping of accounts and preparation of  the financial statements.

Atty. Usmin P. Diamel, COA Regional Director, gave the opening remarks.  He comprehensively discussed the importance of the Supply/Property Officer and the challenges that come with the work as well.

Vibrant and competent speakers gave presentations on various topics during the four-day seminar.

On Day 1, Ms. Eda Christine T. Jamolod, COA State Auditor IV (R13), presented the Internal Control Over Property and Supply Management System. Legal bases were given such as Republic Act 3456, Republic Act 4177, Administrative Order 278 and Section 124 of Presidential Decree 1445.  Three basic types of control were discussed namely Preventive Control, Detective Control and Corrective Control.  Internal Control refers to an organization’s whole system or network of methods, procedures and plans which govern its activities to accomplish its goals and objectives.  Such system is generally known as the Internal Control System.  The standards, criteria and limitations; the basic internal control requirements for PSMS and the factors that may reduce the effectiveness of control were likewise reviewed.

On Day 2, Ms. Virgilita C. Galeon, COA State Auditor IV (R13) presented the Procurement and Other Modes of Acquisition. The governing principles, general policies, specific procedures to be followed, and the factors to be considered in procurement were included in her discussion.  The modes of procurement as well as the laws and regulations pursuant to Republic Act 9184 and its implementing rules and regulations were also discussed.  Ms. Galeon also talked about Other Modes of Acquiring Government Property including transfer, donation, confiscation, production and construction.  She also reviewed the laws and rules that shall guide public managers in the acquisition of property under these modes.

On Days 3 and 4, Ms. Sally T. Ladaga, COA State Auditor IV (R13) presented the Forecast, Ordering, Delivery and Payment, Custodianship, Issuance and Utilization and Disposal. Ms. Ladaga discussed the forecasting of needs and demands for inventory and supplies and the guidelines in ordering these items.  Three general phases in acquiring government property which are the delivery of the items, their inspection and acceptance and the payment of these items were discussed in detail.  Similarly, she talked about the rules and regulations to be followed and the documents required to support the acquisition and payment.

Ms. Ladaga expounded on custodianship which refers to storage/warehousing and inventory management/taking of the property and the reports to be prepared and submitted relative thereto.  Issuance and Utilization include the responsibilities and activities in the issuance of inventory and supplies and the forms, reports and records that need to be accomplished and maintained. Ms. Ladaga also elaborated on disposal which is the end of the life cycle of a government property. The modes of and reason for disposing were likewise discussed and the types of assets that are subject to disposal, how they are inspected and appraised including the formula for their appraisal as well as the process followed along with the documents required in disposing them.  The speaker clearly explained Section 1 of Executive Order No. 888 and Commission on Audit Circular No. 89-296 that the full and sole authority and responsibility for the divestment or disposal of properties and other assets by the National Agencies and Local Government Units including its subsidiaries shall be lodged with the heads of the departments, bureaus and offices or governing bodies or managing heads of the concerned entities.

The active involvement of the participants led to the overall success of the seminar.  The participants have gained new knowledge of the proper procedure for the different phases of procurement up to the disposal of the agency’s supplies and properties.