The Mines and Geosciences Bureau Regional Office No. XIII carried on with the Coastal Hazards Vulnerability Assessment and Mapping on August 22 to September 2, 2023 in the Municipality of Libjo, Province of Dinagat Islands.

A team of four Geologists and one Aide conducted the fieldwork focused on assessing the vulnerability of coastal areas on natural hazards and utilizing analysis of qualitative and quantitative data from various factors and/or parameters related to coastal vulnerability. The parameters of the assessment include shoreline change, landform characteristics, coastal slope, mean tidal range, presence of natural barriers, presence of hard engineering defenses and coastline alignment relative to storm wave direction. The said assessment is the seventh target for CY 2023.

The objective of the assessment necessitates the classification of each area, and the assignment of a ranking from 1 (very low) to 5 (very high) to every evaluated parameter. Weighted analysis shall be conducted using the ranked parameters to determine and classify the vulnerability of the whole coastal area in Libjo.

In the same way, the assessment will inform the populace and the local government units assessing the potential risks and threats posed by coastal hazards. It can also be a beneficial planning and decision making tool particularly in land-use planning and zoning based on the scientific information obtained from the said project. Further, it can also be utilized in environmental protection measures as coastal areas often contain valuable ecosystems particularly mangroves and coral reefs. The assessment highlights the effects of these valuable ecosystems in mitigating coastal hazards, encouraging conservation efforts and sustainable development practices.

Coastal hazards are significant concerns for many regions around the world, especially those with densely populated and low-lying coastal areas. Effective hazard mitigation and adaptation strategies are essential to the protection of human communities particularly those with high degrees of vulnerability or risk from the impacts of these hazards. Coastal vulnerability is influenced by a combination of factors including physical characteristics of the coast and environmental conditions.


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