The Marine Geological Survey Division (MGSD) of the Mines and Geosciences Bureau Central Office conducted a Seminar-Workshop on Strategic Planning for Marine Geological Survey and Research on January 22-26, 2018 at the Bali Village Hotel Resort in Tagaytay City.

The said activity was participated by representatives of all Regional Offices. Two geologists from MGB Regional Office No. XIII Geosciences Division took part in the seminar-workshop.

The activity started with a program wherein Engr. Glenn Marcelo C. Noble, Chief of Planning, Policy and International Affairs Division of MGB Central Office, delivered his opening remarks followed by the discussion of Philippine Development Plan (PDP), General Appropriations Act (GAA), Program Expenditure Classification (PRExC) and National Expenditure Program (NEP).

On the second day of the seminar-workshop, the discussion was about Project Life Cycle. Engr. Noble explained the stages of a project from Situation Analysis Stage all through the end stage which is the Project Impact Evaluation Stage. The discussion of the Rationale, Accomplishments, Plans and Ways Forward of the Coastal Geohazard Assessment Project as well as other projects and research such as the Offshore Exploration of the Philippine Rise was tackled on the third day of the seminar-workshop. Ms. Eloisa L. Legaspi, Chief of Finance Management Division of MGB Central Office discussed about Financial Considerations and Concerns. On the last day of the activity, there was a finalization of the 2019 Project Proposals of MGSD and ROs. The MGB Central Office will pilot the reassessment of high erosion and high accretion coastlines of 20 different municipalities in the country which will start in 2019. Regional Offices will follow the standardized activity in 2020 until 2023. The programming for the RPS Explorer and Marine Geodatabase was discussed among the CO participants.

The seminar-workshop concluded with closing remarks from Dr. Yolanda M. Aguilar, Chief-OIC of Marine Geological Survey Division, in which she expressed her gratitude for the cooperation and sharing of ideas among the participants for the strategic planning for Marine Geological Survey and Research.