Office of the Regional Director. The Office of the Regional Director shall implementat the regional level the pertinent laws, policies, rules and regulations and programs; exercise the management fucntions of planning, organizaing, directing and controlling; undertake Information, Education and Communication campaign; and perform such duties and functions as may be provided by law or delegated by the Director.

The Office shall have the following divisions:

Finance and Administrative Division. The Finance and Administrative Division (FAD) shall provide general administrative services pertaining to human and financial resources and property and records management.

Geosciences Division. The Geosciences Division (GD)shall undertake land and marine geoscientific surveys (including mineral exploration, geological mapping, geohazards assessment, groundwater resource exploration and vulnerability assessment, and engineering geological and geo-environmental studies) and provide geological laboratory and information services.

Mine Management Division. The Mine Management Division (MMD) shall undertake initial evaluation of mining and mining-related applications, monitoring of the disposition and utilization of mineral lands and resources, and survey of mineral lands.

Mine Safety, Environment and Social Development Division. The Mine Safety, Environment and Social Development Division (MSESDD) shall conduct the evaluation and monitoring of implementation of programs and investigate incidents/complaints on mine safety and health, environmental management and social development.