The Mines and Geosciences Bureau Regional Office No. XIII, in cooperation with the Caraga State University (CSU), successfully introduced the Automated Processing of Ore Transport Permit (OTP) and Mineral Ore Export Permit (MOEP) Project to mining companies, mineral processing plants and partner government agencies in Caraga Region through a two-day workshop on February 20 to 21, 2023.

The Automated Processing of OTP and MOEP Project is part of the CSU’s three-year research program entitled Accelerated R&D Program for Capacity Building of Research and Development Institutions and Industrial Competitiveness: Niche Centers in the Regions for R&D (NICER) Program: Sustainable Mineral and Mining Operations using Industry 4.0 headed by the CSU President, Dr. Rolyn C. Daguil.  The said project is one of the three project components of ICT4RM 2.0: Assessment, Monitoring and Evaluation of Mining Resources and its Contribution Using Predictive Analytics and Collective Intelligence under the project team of Dr. Alexander Demetillo, Dr. Vicente Pitogo, Engr. Claire Virtudazo, Mr. Dave Anthony Asis, Ms. Daisy Baladad, Mr. John Sherwin Tadios, and Ms. Shane Dom-ogen.  It is noteworthy that the research program was funded by the Department of Science and Technology-Philippine Council for Industry, Energy, and Emerging Technology Research and Development (DOST-PCIEERD) under the Science for Change Program (S4CP).

A pilot testing of the said project was conducted by the MGB Regional Office No. XIII, together with Taganito Mining Corporation, Taganito HPAL Nickel Corporation and Philsaga Mining Corporation on December 20, 2022 at the MGB Regional Office No. XIII Training Center in Surigao City. The aforementioned mining companies were chosen to be part of the said pilot testing based on their commodities (nickel ore, chromite, scandium oxalate hydrate, nickel/cobalt mixed sulfide concentrate, and gold/silver). Afterwards, a meeting was held on January 18, 2023 at the MGB Regional Office No. XIII Conference Room with the CSU Project Team for the presentation and finalization of the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with the assistance of Atty. Aiko Eleni N. Paler-Gastardo.

The briefing of the automated process was conducted on the first day of the workshop at the MGB Regional Office No. XIII Training Center.  MGB Caraga Regional Director Larry M. Heradez, the CSU Project Team, and concerned Office Staff took part in the said briefing before the project was presented to the mining companies and partner government agencies.

Aimed at initiating a training and research center called Sustainable Mineral and Mining Operations using Industry 4.0 (SuMMO) that focuses on the “digital transformation” of mining technology which can help in striving for safe, efficient, and sustainable practices in mineral exploration, extraction, and beneficiation of the Caraga mining industry, the second day of the workshop was attended by representatives of the Bureau of Customs, Bureau of Internal Revenue and the following mining companies at the Philippine Gateway Hotel in Surigao City:

  • 4D Ventures and Development, Inc.
  • AAM-PHIL Natural Resources Exploration and Development Corporation
  • Agata Mining Ventures, Inc.
  • Cagdianao Mining Corporation
  • Carrascal Nickel Corporation
  • Century Peak Corporation
  • Comet Mining Exploration Corporation
  • CTP Construction and Mining Corporation (Adlay Mining Project)
  • CTP Construction and Mining Corporation (Dahican Nickel Project)
  • Greenstone Resource Corporation
  • Hinatuan Mining Corporation
  • Kafugan Mining, Inc.
  • Libjo Mining Corporation
  • Marcventures Mining and Development Corporation
  • Oriental Vision Mining Philippines Corporation
  • Philsaga Mining Corporation
  • Platinum Group Metals Corporation
  • Rosario Manobo Mining Corporation
  • Sinosteel Philippines H.Y. Mining Corporation
  • SR Metals Inc.
  • Stagno Mining Corporation
  • Taganito Mining Corporation
  • Taganito HPAL Nickel Corporation
  • Westernshore Nickel Corporation

At the start of the event, a warm welcome message laying emphasis on embracing digital transformation in the mining industry was delivered by Engr. Verlin Marie M. Baldapan, Chief of Mine Management Division.

The first part of the workshop featured the following series of informative presentations:

Issues and Concerns of MGB Caraga Region
Engr. Lilibeth P. Gimoto
Chief of Mining Tenement Evaluation Section
MGB Regional Office No. XIII

Client Profile Registration System of the E2M System
Engr. Gemma C. Trozo
District Collector
Bureau of Customs

Export Cargo Clearance and Updates on Exportation Process
Ms. Fritzzy Lei G. Nacario
Acting Chief of Export Section
Port of Surigao

Functions of EXTA and Processing of Permit to Export
Ms. Maridel G. Pasco
Area Supervisor
Ms. Jessa Ramonique E. Perez
Revenue Officer I
Bureau of Internal Revenue-EXTA IV

An open forum wherein the participants raised some concerns and sought clarifications ensued after the presentations.

On the second part of the workshop, a message was delivered by the keynote speaker, Dr. Daguil who expressed his appreciation and privilege to work on the project with the team.   Underscoring the importance of supporting the development of the mining industry through digital transformation, he continued by saying that other fields, particularly in ICT-related services, may continue to flourish through the mining industry and it will further help with the automated processes of MGB.  As part of the academic institution, it is the belief of Dr. Daguil that CSU is part of a shared responsibility that promotes the balance of resources, environment, and economy in Caraga Region.  Lastly, he stated that the workshop is not the end of their project, but just the beginning of it for the advancement of technology.  It was then followed by the introduction of the SuMMO Center by Dr. Alexander Demetillo who defined its goals and purpose and stated that it would offer tools and services that would meet the needs of the region, particularly in encouraging sustainable and responsible mining through involvement with mining technologies, equipment upgrades and purchases and their related skills.

The workshop itself began after Dr. Demetillo’s introduction.  It was facilitated by Mr. Dave Anthony Asis, CSU ICT Officer, with the help of Engr. Lilibeth Gimoto.  The participants engaged in a lengthy discussion and illustration of the automated processing of OTP and MOEP as well as exchanged ideas and expressed their concerns. Before the workshop concluded, RD Heradez extended his gratitude to the Caraga State University for the great initiative, the mining companies for their active participation, the representatives of Bureau of Customs and Bureau of Internal Revenue for their time and unwavering support to the project, and the MGB Caraga personnel for their efforts in making the workshop a success.  RD Heradez highlighted that Caraga Region first took this step in embracing the fast pace of technological advancement and he fervently asked for patience as the implementers and stakeholders get used to this new project considering that more difficult challenges will be encountered, particularly in the mining operations, as time passes. He added that this project is nearing its completion and that paperless transactions will benefit the environment.

The project will be fully launched as soon as the CSU team has developed it in accordance with the recommendations of the participants, most likely this year prior to the beginning of the mining season.

* * ICT4RM stands for Information and Communication Technology for Responsible Mining.


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