The Mines and Geosciences Bureau conducted the 17th MGBEA Annual National Convention and 8th MGBEA National Congress on November 23 to 25, 2022 at the Swiss-Belhotel Blulane in Sta. Cruz, Manila.

With the theme “Enhancing Employee Empowerment Towards Public Service Excellence,” the event was held in keeping with the Mines and Geosciences Bureau Employees Association’s efforts to consolidate, strengthen and unite its officers and members.  It was spearheaded by the MGBEA National Chapter and participated by Officers of MGBEA National, Central and Regional Chapters.

The event started with the statement of House Rules given by Ms. Gina Flor F. Resubal, Secretary General of MGBEA National.  It was then followed by the Welcome Remarks given by Engr. Danilo A. Fernandez, MGBEA National President for Luzon and MGBEA Region III Chapter President, and the Inspirational Message delivered by Engr. Juancho Pablo S. Calvez, Officer-in-Charge of the Office of the Director and Chief of the Metallurgy Division in concurrent capacity.

For the morning and afternoon sessions, the respective MGBEA Chapter President or Representative of some Regional Chapters presented the 2021 Chapter Accomplishment Report and 2022 Progress Report.  The Regional Chapters also shared and recounted their struggles and success stories throughout their journey and gave updates on their recent accomplishments.

On the second day of the event, Dr. Maybellyn A. Zepeda presented the MGBEA National Report in her capacity as the President of MGBEA Central Chapter and National Executive Council.  Dr. Zepeda stated that the MGBEA will adhere to its advocacy for ensuring the promotion and development of its members’ welfare and well-being which is achieved through a harmonious relationship sustained by constant communication and continuous cooperation with the Mines and Geosciences Bureau Management.  She also shared the MGBEA history in a nutshell in consideration of the many new officers from the MGBEA Regional Chapters.  In addition, Mr. Jose P. Arzadon, Jr., Chairperson for Committee on Finance, presented the National Financial Status Report.

The remaining Chapter Accomplishment and Progress Reports were presented by the MGBEA Regional Chapters.  After the presentations, the MGBEA National COMELEC in the person of Mr. Leopoldo T. Virtucio presented the Election Rules and the Candidates.  All the participants or voting delegates are considered as candidates in the MGBEA National Election.  Later in the afternoon, the Election of MGBEA National Officers took place.  Towards the end of the day, the proclamation of the new set of MGBEA National Officers was made.  The newly elected officers took their oath of office before Engr. Juancho Pablo S. Calvez.

Below is the roster of 2022-2024 MGBEA National Officers:

President  Dr. Maybellyn A. Zepeda  
Vice President (Internal Affairs)  Ms. Emma Rodelie M. Deverala  
Vice President (Luzon)  Atty. Mario S. Timario Jr.  
Vice President (Visayas)  Engr. Romely B. Rimban  
Vice President (Mindanao)  Ms. Beverly M. Brebante  
Secretary General  Ms. Gina Flor F. Resubal  
Deputy Secretary General  Ms. Charo B. Ocampo  
PRO  Engr. Danilo A. Fernandez  
Assistant PRO  Ms. Rocelyn F. Rebullante  
Auditor  Atty. Ma. Cristina L. Moratalla  
Assistant Auditor  Ms. Mary Jossel H. Dispo  
National Council Officers  Mr. Jose P. Arzadon, Jr.
Engr. Carina V. Pecson
Ms. Josephine T. Aleta
Engr. Lucius P. Sucgang

On the last day of the event, Dr. Zepeda led the participants in the discussions about the Draft 2023-2025 MGBEA-MGB Collective Negotiation Agreement and Memorandum Circular of MGB Annual Physical Examination with Hospitalization Services as well as the Amendments of the MGBEA National Constitution.  She also discussed organizational concerns and wrapped up the discussions with a synthesis.


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