(Mining Company)

Carrascal Nickel Corporation (CNC)Black bold, and beautifulCombat Biodiversity Loss, Beat Climate ChangeSorryLandscape
Greenstone Resource Corporation (GRC)Our mine... Future... Responsibility.KnockoutMass ExtinctionLandscape
SR Metals Incorporated (SRMI)Reforestree-ingPerspective
CTP Contruction and Mining Corporation - Dahican Nickel Project (CTPCMC-DNP)Life for wildlifeAt the beginning
Agata Mining Ventures Incorporated (AMVI) Commitment from the topWe are all connected, we can make our world greener foreverConserving Biodiversity from Ridges to ReefLandscape
Libjo Mining Corporation (LMC)PhotoWater and Energy and BiodiversityLandscape
Taganito HPAL Nickel Corporation (THPAL)Combat biodiversity loss, beat climate changeThe Paradigm
Hinatuan Mining Corporation -Talavera Nickel Project (HMC-TNP)Flora at minaBiological Mass MachineA Mother's MessageLandscape
Platinum Group Metals Corporation (PGMC)Lady slipperThe sight of OcunhawMining, Community, and Environment
Adnama Mining Resources Inc. (AMRI)
Manila Mining Corporation (MMC)Low cost yet valuable prize of planting mangrovesMother Earth
Taganito Mining Corporation (TMC)Life after miningBio changeLandscape
Silangan Mindanao Mining Company Inc.(SMMCI)Natural Beauty: Active involvement, fulfilling commitmentPreserving Biodiversity
AAM-PHIL Natural Resources Exploration and Development Company - Parcel 1
AAM-PHIL Natural Resources Exploration and Development Company - Parcel 2B
Oriental Vision Mining Philippines Corporation (OVMC)
Philsaga Mining Corporation (PMC)Protect nature and planet earthThe ReinforcementLandscape
Mindanao Mineral Processing and Refining Corporation (MMPRC)Animal magnetism: Bee +Flower = ForeverHeal the WorldLandscape
Marcventures Mining and Development Corporation (MMDC)Nurturing NatureLandscape
Oriental Synergy Mining Corporation (OSMC)
Cagdianao Mining Corporation (CMC)
CTP Contruction and Mining Corporation Adlay Mining Project (CTPCMC-AMP)More than miningLandscape
Pacific Nickel Philippines Inc. (PNPI)Landscape