Standard Operating Procedure On The Conduct Of Geohazard Assessment


  • Scale of Output map: 1:100,00 to 1:50,000
  • Information gathered during the field:
    • Notations on possible causes or contributing parameters
    • Impacts created such as:
    • Number of affected households/properties
    • Amount of damage (infrastructure, agriculture, etc)
    • Field documentation (i.e. pictures and/or video footages)
    • Depth and width of floodwaters
    • Breadth of a slide
    • Actions taken:
    • Immediate information of the concerned local authorities or residents in the area about the possible risk involved
    • Prepare technical report that would be immediately release to authorities (e.g. Secretary, Director, Regional Executive Director/Regional Director, NGA/LGU concerned) within appropriate time, and if necessary within 36 hours from the completion of work


  • Scale of Output map: 1:50,000
  • Information gathered during the field:
    • Historical accounts or records of incidence(s)
    • Location(s) of previous or historical incidence(s) which is also plotted/pinpointed on the map
    • Whenever necessary, sampling of rock /soil or any datable information is made for future analytical or laboratory works.
    • All the communities or barangays within the project area are being covered for the purpose.
    • Rate of completion depends on the area and number of concerns
    • Team consists of:
    • Four (4) geologist
    • Two (2) geologic aides
    • At least 80% of the total # of barangays in three (3) municipalities could be covered in two(2) weeks