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MGB conducts Training and Capability Building for Personnel Responsible for Statistical Data and Analysis, Website Maintenance and Information Dissemination

The Mines and Geosciences Bureau conducted the Training and Capability Building for MGB Personnel Responsible for Statistical Data and Analysis, Website Maintenance and Information Dissemination on September 18-22, 2017 at the Eurotel Vivaldi Hotel in Cubao, Metro Manila.

On the first day of the training, the registration of participants and standard preliminaries took place. In the afternoon, the MGB Central Office gave an Orientation and Updates on Reportorial Requirements such as the Overview, Directory of Operating Mines/Accredited Dealers, Metallic Forms, Non-metallic Forms, SRS Forms 1-5, Reconciliation Report/Investment Form, Integrated Annual Report for large and small-scale mines (MGB Form 29-16 Metallic/Non-Metallic Minerals & Quarry Resources Mining and MGB Form 29-17 Small Scale Mining Permittee), and Taxes Forms.  The said orientation was given by the Mineral Economics, Information and Publications Division Staff of the MGB Central Office.  Atty. Wilfredo G. Moncano, Acting MGB Director, graced the activity and delivered words of wisdom and encouragement to motivate the participants in accomplishing their respective duties and functions.

On the second day of the training, the Preparation on the Mining Company/Provincial/Regional Profiles was discussed in detail by Ms. Marjorie C. Martinez.  On behalf of the MGB Central Office, she expressed their appreciation for the Regional Offices’ efforts to accomplish the mineral profiles in compliance with the 2016 requirements of MGB. She emphasized that profiles tell a story about a company, province or region in order for the reader to better understand its background. After Ms. Martinez’s presentation, the Regional Offices had a workshop on the preparation of Company/Provincial/Regional Profiles which they presented later on.  Each profile presented was both critiqued and appreciated.

In the afternoon of the second day of the training, the assessment of the Mineral Statistics Corner per region was given by Mr. Carlo Cruz of MGB Central Office.  The Mineral Statistics Corner of each Regional Office’s website was comprehensively assessed in order for each Regional Office to know if it has substantially complied with the requirements. He asked the participants to cooperate in accomplishing the task at hand in order to better educate and inform the public on the subject of mining benefits to the economy. Lastly, the Development of Unified Government Website Template for MGB using Joomla was thoroughly discussed by Mr. Gaudencio C. Crisostomo, Jr.  Regional Offices were asked to share their experiences in the development of their respective websites in order to come up with the unified standard agency contents applicable to all Regional Office websites.

On the third day of the training, an extensive Information Enrichment Program was carried out in order to heighten the knowledge of the participants and capacitate them in their respective duties and functions. Engr. Brenice Castillo gave a presentation on Recent Mining Laws, Rules and Regulations.  As a Briefer on the Minerals Industry, she gave the Overview of the Mineral Industry’s Status, Recent Laws on Mineral Resources and Geosciences Development and Permitting System under the Philippine Mining Laws and Policies. She also presented the Requirements in the Application of Permits in Mining Operations. The lecture entitled Safety and Health, Environmental and Social Development Management: A Commitment to Responsible Mining was given by Engr. Marcial H. Mateo, Chief of Mine Rehabilitation Section of the MGB Central Office Mine Safety, Environment and Social Development Division.

In the afternoon, the Mining Technology Division of MGB Central Office presented the Policy Updates and Directions of DENR-MGB Relating to Small-Scale Mining in which the following topics were discussed: What is Small-Scale Mining, Small-Scale Mining Formalization Policy, Current Formalization Progress, Way Forward Directions and Obstacles and Challenges.  The informative and insightful lecture on Geohazards in the Philippines was given by Mr. Raymond Thaddeus C. Ancog in which the different hazards and their mitigating measures were discussed.  One of the presentations entitled National Wealth from Mining was given by Ms. Ana Diosell Soliven-Bajao, Economist II of MGB Regional Office No. XIII. Her lecture thoroughly defined national wealth and its legal basis.  Ms. Bajao also informed the participants of the taxes paid by mining companies in Caraga Region; Shares of Barangay, City/Municipality, and Province; Reconciliation of Shipments and Actual implementation of Shares from the National Wealth. Lastly, Ms. Venus Amor Sarmiento gave a brief lecture on News Scoping.  She gave examples as to how the Information Officers can assess the scope of news articles as well as identify the issues, policy statements, directions and implications upon which the MGB will base the action it will take.  She also gave the participants an information material entitled Misconceptions on Mining and required the Regional Information Officers to produce an IEC Material on the same subject.

On the fourth day of the training, Dr. Antonia Corinthia C. N. Naz presented the In-depth Study/Cost-Benefit/Impact Analysis of an SDMP Project.  The day-long lecture-workshop facilitated by Dr. Naz revolved around the Philippine Poverty- Environment Initiative SDMP Study; Introduction to Cost-Benefit Analysis; Purpose, Features and Types of Basic Steps of Cost-Benefit Analysis; Basic concepts of Cost-Benefit Analysis; Limitations of Cost-Benefit Analysis and Sample Cost-Benefit Analysis. Based on the comprehensive study of Dr. Naz, Cost-Benefit Analysis is used for the purposes of assisting in social decision making and facilitating the more efficient allocation of society’s resources (demonstrate the superior efficiency of a particular intervention relative to the alternatives, including the status quo).  The features of CBA are as follows:

    • systematic categorization of impacts as benefits (pros) and costs (cons)
    • valuing in monetary currency such as dollars or pesos (assigning weights)
    • determining the net benefits of the proposal relative to the status quo (net benefits = benefits – costs)

Dr. Naz also shared a project which she has initiated on the Computations for Education Projects of the Social Development and Management Programs of Apex Mining Co., Inc. and Rio Tuba Nickel Mining Corporation-Coral Bay Nickel Corporation (RTNMC-CBNC). During the workshop proper, Dr. Naz instructed the six groups of participants to accomplish the following tasks:

  • Select a particular project under assigned category of SDMP;
  • Prepare a cost and benefit table per category;
  • Identify what costs and benefits can be quantified; and
  • Identify the data needed for quantifying the costs and benefits.

As stipulated in DENR Administrative Order No. 2010-21, the Allowable Expenditures under the Social Development and Management Programs for Development of Host and Neighboring Communities (75%) are as follows:

  1. HRD & institutional building;
  2. Enterprise development and networking;
  3. Assistance to infrastructure development and support services;
  4. Access to education and educational support programs;
  5. Access to health services, health facilities and health professionals; and
  6. Protection and respect of socio-cultural values, use of facilities and services within the mine camp or plant site.

Each of the aforementioned allowable expenditures was assigned to the six groups.  After the accomplishment of a cost and benefit table of their respective SDMP expenditure, all the participants were engaged in an in-depth assessment of each project.

On the last day of the Training and Capability Building, the Criteria for the Regional Rating Based on Statistical Forms and Website Maintenance were given.  Similarly, the active participation of the Regional Offices was acknowledged and appreciated by the MGB Central Office.

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MGB RXIII conducts Training-Workshop on the Processing and Area Verification of Industrial/Commercial Sand and Gravel and Quarry Applications

The Mines and Geosciences Bureau Regional Office No. XIII conducted the Training-Workshop on the Processing and Area Verification of Industrial/Commercial Sand and Gravel and Quarry Applications on March 30-31, 2017 at the MGB Training Center in Surigao City.

The Mineral Lands and Survey Section under the Mine Management Division organized the training-workshop. Twenty-one representatives from Caraga PENROs, CENROs and LGUs participated in the said activity. Regional Director Roger A. De Dios delivered the welcome address and presented the rationale of the training-workshop.  He assured the audience that proper guidelines on the process/conduct of area verification will be met at the end of the activity.

The topics presented by the MGB RXIII personnel included the following: Area Verification Procedure by Engr. Ernesto C. Calzar; Safety and Environmental Regulations in I/CSAG & Quarry Operations by Engr. Francis Glenn N. Suante; Terms and Reporting Format by Engr. Carlos E. Cogolio, Jr.; and Legal Framework of Small-Scale Mining Operations and Quarry Resources by Engr. Noli N. Arreza.  After the presentations, the participants asked questions and raised clarifications which were addressed by the resource speakers and the MGB RXIII Regional Director.

The actual ground verification was conducted on the second day of the activity in Brgy. Mat-i, Surigao City. It was led by Engr. Junrey D. Paronda. The participants had a hands-on experience in facilitating actual ground verification with the help of MGB personnel who shared their expertise in the field. Each province was asked to make a verification report which was presented after the field exposure. Engr. Paronda made some necessary modifications of the report in order to make it more standard based on how it is properly done which was noted by each team. The keen involvement of the participants led to the overall success of the activity.

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Training for MAVISSMA Small-Scale Miners with Trainers from APEX Mining Co., Inc.

In compliance to the MGB Programs/Projects/Activities (P/P/As) on Small-Scale Mining, a Training for Masabong Village Small-Scale Miners Association (MAVISSMA) on Rescue, Safety and Environmental Protection was conducted last April 20-22, 2016 at Sitio Masabong, Bayugan 3, Rosario, Agusan del Sur. The training was participated by 26 miners of MAVISSMA. The trainers composed of the Technical Personnel from Apex Mining Co., Inc. (AMCI) namely:

  1. Steve John Bagacay – Conventional Mining
  2. Eric Maningo – Conventional Mining
  3. Edu Seguerra – Rescue and Safety Induction
  4. Danilo P. Regis – Environmental Protection

While the MGB-13 Training Facilitators are:

  1. Ana Diosell Soliven-Bajao, Economist-II
  2. Engr. Ernesto C. Calzar-Engr. II
  3. Carl Orven C. Eludo, Planning Officer
  4. Mitch Bryll H. Tampus

SSM_2During the training, the team conducted a gold tunnel evaluation to see the actual practices of the miners.

Before the training schedule, Ms. Ana Soliven-Bajao and Engr. Ernesto Calzar visited Apex Mining Co., Inc. in Masara, Maco, Compostela Valley last April 7-9, 2016. The purpose of the visit was to present the training request of MGB-13 to the AMCI management and gather their response. Fortunately, the management of AMCI sees the endeavor as a great opportunity to extend help to other miners especially those into small scale. Part of the visit was to know the trainers better. The aforementioned MGB-13 personnel were able to go to the mine structures and facilities such as the conventional Level 600 Wagas tunnel, mill and processing plant and the tailings pond.


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Meeting about the Extraction Area of Agata Mining Ventures, Inc.

A meeting was conducted last Februray 9, 2016 at MGB-13 Training Center to address the Barangay Resolution No. 2015-09 from Barangay Lawigan, Tubay, Agusan del Norte. A resolution inquiring the Mines and Geosciences Bureau Regional Office No. XIII of the present and actual location of ore extraction of Agata Mining Ventures, Inc. (AMVI). It was presided by RD Alilo C. Ensomo, Jr. and attended by DENR PENRO Bello Udarbe and CENRO Barlou M. Aparte of Tubay Anthony B. Quijano – AMVI General Manager and staff, Hon. Jimmy L. Beray – Vice Mayor of Tubay, and a Councilor, Punong Barangay Nilo G. Mordeno and barangay council of Lawigan, Punong Barangay Dante C. Mandam and barangay council of Tinigbasan, Tubay, Agusan del Norte, and the MGB-13  technical and support staff.

AMVI only indicated Brgy. Tinigbasan of Tubay as the place of removal/extraction in the BIR Form No. 2200-M. In this effect, the aforesaid barangay will solely received the Share from the National Wealth, excise tax paid by AMVI of their shipments in year 2014-2015. The matter was contested by Barangay Lawigan claiming that the actual area of extraction of AMVI is within their area. MGB-13 conducted an actual ground survey last October 21, 2015 in AMVI mining area with the following findings:


AREA (ha.)




Tinigbasan & Lawigan



Tinigbasan & Lawigan









Lawigan (planned pit or no extraction)



Tinigbasan (planned pit or no extraction)




During the meeting, the two (2) barangays were asked to come up with a sharing agreement on Pit no. 1 and 2. However, the barangay officials of Tinigbasan suggested, which the body also agreed, that they will discuss the matter further together with the barangay officials of Lawigan in their choice of place and time without other group or political interventions. The barangay should have an agreement on or before March 2016 to conform to the DBM deadline.


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MGB R13 personnel attend SMMCI Public Hearing

Personnel of the Mines and Geosciences Bureau ROXIII attended the Public Hearing conducted by Silangan Mindanao Mining Company, Inc. (SMMCI) on October 14, 2015 at the Municipal Gymnasium in Tubod, Surigao del Norte.

As one of the steps included in Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) process, the public hearing is a requirement in SMMCI’s application for an Environmental Compliance Certificate (ECC) for their Silangan Copper-Gold Project. Representatives from different government agencies like Department of Agrarian Reform, Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Department of Education, National Commission on Indigenous Peoples and local government units (LGUs) were present. Similarly, the concerned residents of the impacted barangays of the said project participated in the gathering to listen and express their opinions and insights.

On behalf of the Mines and Geosciences Bureau ROXIII, Engr. Ador J. Patiño delivered a message during the program. Before the public hearing started, Engr. Esperanza Sajul of the DENR-Environmental Management Bureau Central Office gave a brief presentation on the objectives of the activity as well as the process flow of obtaining an ECC for environmentally critical projects.

During the public hearing, the presentors from SMMCI thoroughly discussed the following topics: Project History, Change of Mine Plan, Tailings Storage Facility Water Management, Seepage Control, Potential Environmental Impacts, Environmental Management, Social Activities to Preserve the Environment, Water Balance, Hydrology and Hydrogeology, Proposed Water Distribution Scheme, Strategic Relocation Plan, Considerations for Relocation Sites, Talent Acquisition Policy/Employment Policy, Scope Barangays of Public Employment Service Office (PESO)/Barangay Employment Service Office (BESO), Baseline Highlights of the People, Community Development Programs and LGU Share of National Wealth.  They have given a comprehensive presentation on every topic using the simplest terms in order for everyone to clearly understand the information specially the technical part of the project. They also showed detailed maps, models, photos and statistics to support their presentations.

After the presentations, Mr. Carl Louie Santiago, DENR-EMB Central Office Case Handler, stated the house rules of the open forum.  For. Reynaldo S. Digamo, DENR-EMB Caraga Public Hearing Officer, presided at the open forum. Various relevant concerns were raised by the public such as water source and employment. The questions were answered properly and suggestions were well taken. Although some written questions were not discussed due to time constraints, For. Digamo assured the public that each of their questions were received and turned over to SMMCI for appropriate action.

The public hearing concluded with closing remarks from the DENR-EMB Central Office representatives, in which the next steps in the EIA process were mentioned.

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