The Social Development Section (SDS) of the Mines and Geosciences Bureau Regional Office No. XIII carried on with its continuing Information, Education, and Communication (IEC) Campaign on the newly issued Social Development and Management Program-Manual of Operation (SDMP-MOO) of the Regional Office in order for its mining stakeholders to keep abreast of the recent policies and development pertaining to SDMP implementation.

As the regulatory agency, it is also imperative for MGB RXIII to orient and capacitate the 2018 newly elected barangay officials as the BLGU is one of the members of the Representatives of the Host and Neighboring Communities (RHNC).

The SDMP-MOO was formulated and adopted for the effective implementation of the Social Development and Management Program and Community Development Program.  The day-to-day functional implementation of this MOO is the responsibility of MGB RXIII, mining companies, mineral processing plants, mining communities and all stakeholders involved. The objectives of SDMP/CDP are guided by the principles of poverty alleviation and sustainable development with focus on improvement of the human well-being, sustenance of the improvements over time, and equity in access to the opportunities and in the distribution of costs and benefits.

The purpose of the said MOO has been clearly explained during the conduct of IEC in which it serves as a reference tool for decisions that pertain to the SDMP and the CDP. The MOO establishes policies, standards, guidelines, and procedures which must be strictly followed by all concerned stakeholders during the preparation, formulation, implementation, and evaluation of the SDMP/CDP in Caraga Region.

During the IEC Campaign, the MGB RXIII Social Development Staff explained the guiding principles stipulated in the MOO and enjoined all the stakeholders involved to apply the principles to specific situations. The following objectives were given emphasis:

  1. To set and give strategic direction for the effective and successful implementation of the SDMP/CDP through precise guidelines in its preparation and formulation.
  2. To clarify and delimit the specific Programs/Projects/Activities (P/P/As) that qualify under the SDMP/CDP.
  3. To institutionalize internal and external safeguards and procedures to preclude the misuse of SDMP/CDP funds.
  4. To promote the sustainability of all P/P/As of the SDMP/CDP especially the livelihood projects.

The legal basis and evolution of SDMP were also presented. The evolution has shown the improvement not just in the increase of budget for the SDMP but also the clearer specific guidelines. The approval of the SDMP is fast-tracked by the delegation of the authority to the MGB Regional Office for the review and approval of the SDMP and the monitoring and regulation of its implementation.  DENR Administrative Order 2010-21 required operating mines to increase its allocation from 1% of the DMMC to 1.5% of the OC.

MGB RXIII has jointly conducted the IEC Campaign on SDMP-MOO during the scheduled quarterly meeting of the Representatives of the Host and Neighboring Communities (RHNC) in the following companies:

Silangan Mindanao Mining Company, Inc. March 26, 2018
Greenstone Resources Corporation May 4, 2018
Libjo Mining Corporation May 23, 2018
Mindanao Mineral Processing and Refining Corporation June 7, 2018
Carrascal Nickel Corporation June 15-16, 2018
Adnama Mining Resources, Inc. July 4, 2018
Taganito Mining Corporation July 13, 2018
Platinum Group Metals Corporation July 23, 2018
Marcventures Mining and Development Corporation April 24, 2018 & July 26, 2018